The Finkle Family Album

Third Generation

Wanda A. Finkle (b1918-d 2007)


Josephine, Roman, Josefa, and Wanda ca 1922 (photo for passport to return to Poland)


10 Years of Age

Wanda and Josephine, First Holy Communion - 1930

Her Brothers Frank, Albert, and John

Her Sister Josephine

In 1935

Mother Josephine

Mom's brood (Phil, Pris, Bobby, and Rich)

Wanda was born on November 28, 1918  in Webb Heights, Ohio.  She spent her early years in South Bend, Indiana.   She moved to Long Beach,California, in the mid-1930s.  She married Fred, Jr., in 1939 and was the beloved mother of Phil, Pris, Rich, and Bob Finkle.  After marrying, she lived in Long Beach, CA; Hollydale, CA; Burbank, CA; and Fountain Valley, CA.  Fred passed away in 1957. Later she married Kenneth R. McCubbin. They was living in Temecula California, at the time of her passing in October 2007.

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