The Finkle Family Album
The Fifth Generation
Tricia Wilkins (b1972)
Tricia Rose at 12 weeks
Tricia at 7 years of age
Tricia at 5 years of age
Tricia and Jack 1997 Johnny, Jack, and Tricia in 1999
Our family in May 2001
G Patricia Rose was born on St. Patrick's Day so it was pretty easy to select her prenom. She attended grammar school at Faith Baptist and at Our Lady of Lourdes. She attended high school at Notre Dame. She started college at the University of California-San Diego and completed her degree in Accounting at the University of Georgia. She is married to Johnny Wilkins and they have two handsome sons, Jack and Connor, and one beautiful daughter, Elisabeth! Jack is soon to graduate from the University of Georgia. Connor is currently attending the University of North Georgia. Ellie is finishing at North Gwinnett High School.
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